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Top 10 Gifts For The Outdoorsy Person In Your Life

10) Mora 511 Limited Edition

The mora 511 is an excellent choice for starters or experienced bushcrafters. The high carbon Swedish steel blade gives a razor sharp edge which will stand up to pretty much any knife someone already has in the drawer. The great thing is, if you have an expensive knife already, having spent relatively little on this one, it does't matter so much if you get it a bit dirty! 

Link: £5.99

Alternative (Stainless Steel): £6.99

9) Scrimshaw Knife Set

Never done Scrimshaw before? We hadn't either! but it's a great thing to try, with this kit you've got everything you need to decorate an attractice pocket knife!

Link: £20.95

8) Black Widow Slingshot

This cult classic slingshot has been around since the 1980s. Great for shooting cans in the garden and our customers tell us it's a throw back to their youth. A perfect stocking filler for someone!

Link: £13.49

7) Morakniv Dala Horse Carving Set

The kit includes the popular Mora 120 carving knife, which is renowned amougst woodcarvers. Also included is a wooden horse which you can add detail to, paint and decorate. It makes a lovely gift for anyone looking to start woodcarving. 

Link: £28.99

6) Archery Set

Do you know someone who could be the next Robin Hood? This set includes everything you need to practice becoming an archer in your garden. The foam boss and target ensure there is always something to shoot at and provides a backstop to stop the arrows going into your fence!

Link: £42.49

5) Kupilka Gift Set - Zero Carbon Manufacturered 

Give the outdoors person in your life a cup, spoon and plate in this lovely carbon zero set. Made in Finland from Kareline® Natural Fibre Composite that consists of 50% pine fiber (wood) and 50% BPA-free plastic.

Link; £26.99

4) Kenluck Mini Portable Grill

This mini grill looks & cooks great. Perfect for cooking a couple of burgers while you're out hiking or on the beach. As far as BBQs go, we think this is the prettiest we've seen. 

Link: £39.99

3) Barebones Railroad Lantern

A modern twist on an antique and well-loved Union Pacific lantern. Gorgeous seeded glass and copper  accents make this a unique light for a curated dinner table or at camp.  High-tech and functional, this lantern utilises battery or USB with a run time of 100+ hours on low or 3.5 hours on high.

Link: £74.99

2) Marttiini Tundra Bushcraft Knife

Made in Finland, these Marttiini knives not only look great but live up their reputation as great bushcraft knives. 

Link: £106.99

1) EK Archery Adder Self Loading Crossbow

One of the best selling crossbows of 2021, the Adder is unique because of it's magazine allowing several bolts to be loaded at the same time. Just cock it back to fire another. You might have to add a birthday and Christmas together but it's well worth the 'big present' money. 

Link: £293.54


Stocking Fillers

1) Bewild Wooden Slingshot

Great for aiming at cans or bottles. 

Link: £4.99

2) Tactical Stocking

You can't have a stocking filler without a stocking

Link: £10.59