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D of E Kit

We take pride in offering a wide range of essential tools and equipment that foster practical skills and encourage adventurous exploration. From sturdy knives designed for safe outdoor use to versatile paracord and durable ropes for constructing shelters, we have everything you need to create memorable and educational experiences in the great outdoors. Our carefully selected products ensure that forest school educators and outdoor enthusiasts can find reliable and high-quality gear to teach essential survival skills and promote a deep connection with nature. Browse our collection and discover the tools that will empower you to build and create in the beautiful wilderness.


We stock both wet and dry food, which are perfect for DofE. It's worth checking your recommend kit list and required kit to see if you are advised to take one or the other. The main difference is dry food needs a pot and water for you to warm it up, however with wet food you can even heat it in dirty water (not recommended) as only the outer foil pouch comes into contact with the water. 

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