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Crossbow FAQ Guide

How often should I wax my string?

You should wax your string and the top of the rail that the string runs along after every 7-10 shots. If your crossbow has a high poundage 200+, you will want to do this after every 4-6 shots to keep your strings in good condition. When waxing the string, it is equally important to wax the top of the rail to help reduce friction.

How do I know if my crossbow will be too strong for me?

This can be very hard to gauge as a cocking rope used in the correct method will make cocking a crossbow easier by far. For beginners, we recommend starting low and working your way up. A crossbow around the 100lb mark for draw weight would be a good starting point. It would still be relatively easy to cock while also delivering great power and accuracy.

What Target should I use with my crossbow?

This depends on the draw weight of the crossbow and also the length of the bolts you’re using. If you’re using 14”+ bolts, then there are a wide variety of foam targets that are suitable. If you’re shooting smaller bolts like 6” or 7.5”, we recommend using a target filled with sand as this will be strong enough to stop the bolts but not too strong that it damages them.

How do I cock my crossbow?

Some crossbows can be cocked by hand, others require the use of a cocking rope. For some crossbows, a crank is available, which makes them a lot easier to cock. To cock the crossbow, you will want to consult the instructions/user manual for the correct placement of the cocking rope.

What is the correct way to use a cocking rope?

On most crossbows, there is usually a notch near or behind the pistol grip. Drape your cocking rope over the notch and then attach it to the shooting string before cocking. If you don’t drape it over the notch first, it will most likely stop you from cocking the crossbow and will also cause significant cosmetic damage.

How do I know which bolts I need?

There is normally a label on one end of the box stating which bolts you need to use with your crossbow. For most full-size crossbows, it is usually either 16” or 20”. Crossbows that have a higher draw weight tend to use carbon bolts. If your crossbow comes with carbon bolts, it is important to continue using them, as using bolts made from a different material could cause damage.

What’s the difference between compound and recurve crossbows?

Compound crossbows usually come in higher draw weights, making them more difficult to cock than recurve crossbows. Bolts fired from a compound bow also tend to have a faster velocity due to the cams on them, hitting the target with more force. It is easier to change the string on a recurve crossbow. If you need to change the string or cable system on a compound crossbow, you will likely need a bow press.

How can I get my crossbow repaired?

If your crossbow develops a fault, please get in contact with us. If the fault has been caused by user error, you will be liable for the cost of repair and postage. If the fault has developed through no improper use, we can send it back to the supplier, who will repair the fault or replace the crossbow if they’re unable to do so.

Where can I hunt with a crossbow in the UK?

All kinds of bow hunting, both crossbows and bows, are illegal in the UK. For those reasons, we cannot offer any advice regarding hunting in the UK.

Can I use my crossbow at my local archery club?

Some archery clubs do allow the use of crossbows in designated areas. If your local club doesn’t, we recommend contacting your local rifle range, as some of these have dedicated areas for crossbow users.

What’s the best crossbow to start with?

Most crossbows we offer are beginner-friendly. Some of the higher poundage ones are slightly more difficult to cock, so that is something to keep in mind when selecting your first crossbow. Consider where you will be using it. If you’re planning on using it in your backyard, you won’t need something overly powerful.

If you still have questions about crossbows, feel free to reach out to support@springfields.co.uk or contact us via live chat Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm.