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EK Archery Adder Crossbow

EK Archery Adder Crossbow
The world's first commercially avaliable crossbow with a magazine to hold up to 5 bolts. Meaning there is no need to reload the crossbow between shots. All you have to do is cock the crossbow. This makes it perfect for fast target shooting. There is also no doubt, it is very very cool. 

Developed by Joerg Sprave in collaboration with EK archery the Adder crossbow features:

  • Picatinny rails

  • red dot sight

  • foregrip

  • quick detachable sling shoulder mount

  • AR-15-inspired adjustable stock

  • top-load magazine capable of holding up to 5 EK carbon bolts.

Adder Crossbow

With a 130-pound draw weight, the tactical crossbow can blast a bolt at 270 fps, which is 40 fps faster than the Cobra System RX model.

Package Includes: 

5 x 7.5" Carbon Bolts (blue vanes , 100 grain tip)

1x Aluminum red-dot Sight

1x Fore grip

1x Shoulder Sling

1x Safety Glasses

1x Butt Stock with buffer tube

1x Stringer

1x spare string + limb caps

1x lube wax

Official Specification:

  • SPEED 270 FPS
  • LENGTH 21.5"

See the designer talking about the early prototype here: