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Offensive Weapons - New Laws

The government plan to make it illegal to post knives to your home address

When the law comes in, current estimates are around summer 2019 there will be two ways to obtain a knife. 

1) Using our UPS access point delivery. 

2) Get the item delivered to your work address or to your home if you work from that address, although we will need to see proof. 

What is happening and why?

It’s a fact, knife crime is on the rise. It has been since 2014 and to stop the rise the government have come up with a plan – to ban the sale of knives to residential addresses and where they are being sent to business customers we will most likely have to use an age verified delivery service. The timeline has not been finalised yet but it is likely to be anywhere from 6 months to a year. 

Fact Check

"Knives are getting banned" - No, just the delivery of them to residential addresses. 

"It will put knife makers out of business" - There is some exceptions to the law, custom knives look likely to be exempt. 

"Royal Mail will age check at a post office, so all is okay" - They do not currently offer this service. 

"People are dying, it's right something is done" - Correct, something needs to be done. However not necessarily the bill in its current form. 

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What’s wrong with the proposed law?

We all want to make the country safer and don't want anyone to get hurt. However, as many of you a scout groups, outdoor educators or bushcrafters we’ve got to know you all over the last few years (45 actually) and feel it isn’t fair for a couple of reasons:

  1. If we’ve dealt with you before & know you are over 18 why should you have to drive to pickup your order or pay more for delivery?
  2. If you’re a Scout group (or similar) with one of our trade accounts, we know you don’t have a business premises but you’re a charity with a proper use for knives, most of you order and claim the money back from the treasurer so aren’t a business. We won’t be able to deliver knives to you anymore.
  3. Why can’t we age check you, mark your parcel as age restricted and make sure only you can sign for it on delivery, we think that would be enough.
  4. If we can satisfy you are over 18, you’re the only person that can accept the parcel, delivery costs to you will still go up by around 100%.

What’s the latest with the law?

The draft legislation has been proposed, it has had it’s second reading on the 27th/June, it is now going to comittee stage at which point MPs are able to table amendments to the law. This would allow them to make provisions for trade customers without a business address, scout groups, charities or possibly even anyone who can prove they are using knives for bushcraft.

Click here for updates on the law and to see it's progress

What can we do?

Ask your MP for an amendment

You could write to your MP, asking for them to make an amendment to drop certain elements of the proposed law. Make a ‘legal defence’ for you as a trade customer, charity, outdoor educator or similar.

Public Bill Committee

If you are the leader of the scouts, Bear Grylls, Ray Mears or some other interested party or organisation you can write to them and get asked to be part of the public bill committee. Although the committee has not been set up yet. More Information Here

House Of Lords

After MPs have debated the law, the House Of Lords will also debate it. We will publish a list   of which Lords will be debating the bill and how to contact them if you wish to.


A few people have started petitions, if you want to sign a petition they are listed below: 

Reconsider Thw Law For Fencers & Hobbyists

Remove The Residential Clause - This petition has been supported- by Ray Mears & Ben Fogle. 

If it happens ‘as is’

If the law comes in ‘as is’ we will use access points for you to collect your bladed items from. To see where you closest one is, click here.

Business Customers

If you are a business that orders from us, it should be business as usual so long as you don’t get your order delivered home or if you do that property isn’t solely used as a residential property.



If you have anything you’d like to add, give us a ring on 01283 530707 or email . This could be information we’ve not thought of or something you’d like us to include here.


Find your local MP

Hansard - A site for keeping upto date on events in the House Of Lords or Commons

Updates on the bill

RSS feed - You can receive RSS updates here

BTA Group - A group of blade traders and interested parties on Facebook.

Bill Documents

Transcript of the 2nd reading

Our 'Highlights' of the second reading