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Military Mess Tins

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This Mess Tin set is made from durable aluminum and is ideal for bushcrafters, cadets, campers, scouts, amongst others.

Are you ready for lunch at the camp site? This Military Mess Tin Set is just what you need. Whether you’ve packed lunch in it, or you’re looking for something to place food in that’s convenient to carry, you’ll love this tin set.

What’s good about this pack is that it does not have just one mess tin, it has two. One is a 1.5 litre tin, while the other holds up to 1.3 litres and can fit inside each other.

This Mess Tin set is made from durable aluminum, so you can expect it to last for months, even years. Each mess tin has steel handles, too. This set is ideal for bushcrafters, cadets, campers, scouts, amongst others.

10 Uses For Military Mess Tins

  1. Cooking meals: Mess tins are primarily designed for cooking meals in outdoor settings. They can be used to boil water, cook soups, stews, or fry foods over a campfire or portable stove.
  2. Food storage: Mess tins can also double as storage containers for dry goods or leftovers. Their compact size makes them convenient for storing food while traveling or camping.
  3. Drinking vessel: Mess tins can be used as a makeshift cup for drinking water, coffee, or other beverages.
  4. Eating utensils: The larger section of the mess tin can be used as a plate, while the smaller section can serve as a bowl for soups, cereals, or salads.
  5. Serving tray: Mess tins can be used to serve food when dining outdoors, providing a convenient and portable option for picnics or camping trips.
  6. Washing basin: Mess tins can be filled with water and used as a basin for washing dishes or personal hygiene items while camping or in the field.
  7. Fire starter: In emergency situations, the reflective surface of a mess tin can be used to signal for help or as a makeshift mirror for starting fires using sunlight.
  8. Signal device: Mess tins can be banged together to create noise, serving as a signaling device in emergency situations.
  9. Digging tool: In a pinch, the sturdy construction of a mess tin can be used as a digging tool for tasks such as digging trenches or holes for burying waste.
  10. Emergency shelter component: Mess tins can be repurposed as makeshift components for constructing emergency shelters, such as using them as anchors for securing tarpaulins or as containers for storing small items within the shelter.
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