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Trustpilot Reviews For Springfields.co.uk

Trustpilot removed our account in July 2022 for retailing knives. 

They did this for several retailers in the UK, despite being one of the safest countries in the world to buy a knife from (See Offensive Weaposn Act 2019). 

Trustpilot aren't the only review gathering website in the world, so here are a few more accomodating options:



Trustpilot have decided to no longer show reviews for knife sellers (or most of them anyway), incorrectly assuming they sell items on the UK banned list  It's a shame we don't get to showcase our great service for potential buyers but on the other hand it shows the short sighted views of companies like Trustpilot and others who have decided to not work with knife retailers over the last year.

We work with the Home Office, Trading Standards and the Met Police. We have meetings every few months to help make improvements to retailing knives. Here at Springfields we have a team of great people who weed out fake IDs, we also have our own age checking software that we built in house, which does a superb job.
We're proud of the safe way we retail knives and we'll keep on selling them despite another minor setback.
So long Trustpilot!
Update: 09/12/2022 - Trustpilot have reinstated our account: