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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here please contact our customer service team and they will be happy to help.



How old do I need to be to purchase from you?

There is no age limit to buy non age restricted products. However, you must be over 18 to purchase a bladed article or other age restricted product such as lamp fuel.  If you are not old enough or cannot provide proof of age we will unfortunately have to cancel your order.

Do you offer a price match service?

We do have a price match promise which means if you are able to find an item cheaper* on another website we will happily match the price.

*Item cannot be discounted or on sale, and must be instock in the UK.

Where do I find dicount codes?

We send out emails on a weekly basis to customers who have signed up for our newsletter or ordered from us previously. From time to time our emails will include a discount code to reward returning customers for their business,  so if you would like a discount code sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox! 

Do you give discount to Scouts, Guides and Groups? 

We certainly do!  Just sign up for an account and email [email protected] and we will convert your account to a 'Groups Account'. When you login to your 'Groups Account' you will be able to see the discounted prices. 

Do you offer Trade or Educator discounts? 

Yes,  we have a seperate 'Trade & Educators' site offering discounted prices for Schools, Local Authorites, Outdoor Educators and other business.You can also apply for a Trade & Educators Credit Account (Subject to T's & C's) along with the option to purchase via Purchase Order.  

If you are interested in a Trade & Educator Account please visit trade.springfields.co.uk or email [email protected]

Age Verifcation FAQ

What Is Age Verification?

Age Verification is the process of checking a person's age becuase they have orderd an Age resticted item such as a knife, axe or certain fuels. This is usually done by checking against the electoral register after you have palced your order. If we are unable to find you on the electoral register you may be asked to provide a photo of your ID to prove your age.


Why Do We Have To Verify Someones Age?

By Law in the UK any sales of a bladed article (knives, axes, etc) or age restrited products need to be age verified. There is no way to circumvent this so please do not ask us to. 


What Happens If You Are Unable To Verify My Age?

If we are unable to find you on the electoral register you may be asked to provide a photo of some form of ID to prove your age. We will always work with customers to try and help find a solution however if we are unable to find a solution your order will be cancelled and refunded.


What Forms Of ID Do We Accept? 

We accpet all government issued forms of ID (Driving Licenses, Passports, Birth Certificates and Citizen Identity Cards). If you have a form of ID that is not on the list please send us an email with a photo of it and we can let you know if we are able to accept it.

If for some reason we do not accept an ID please do not take it personally, we have to operate within a very strict set of rules or we could face prosecution.

Returns & Refunds FAQ

What Is Our Returns Policy?

We are happy to accept the return of any unused and unopened item within a 60 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange.

Please see our Returns page for full details.


Can I return a Faulty item?

If you have a faulty item please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help via [email protected]


How Long Do Refunds Take?

If you paid by Debit Card refunds can take up to 5 working days. However, this does depend on your bank or building society and may be shorter for some customers.

If you paid by Credit Card then the funds will become available once your next statement has been generated. 

If you paid by PayPal then the funds should become available within 24 hours of us issuing the refund. 

Crossbow FAQ

Why Is My Crossbow Not Cocking?

99% of the time this is down to user error, we ask that all customers who are having issues cocking their crossbow reconsult the instruction manual to ensure they are attempting to cock it correctly and using the cocking rope/crank in the correct manner. 


Why Is My Crossbow Not Firing?

Again, This is usually down to user error and can most likely be resolved by reading the instruction manual. 

It is also worth noting that all non-pistol EK Archery Crossbows have an Anti-Dry Fire mechanism which means a bolt needs to be loaded before it can be fired to prevent damage to the crossbow.


How Strong Do I Need To Be To Cock A Crossbow?

The most powerful crossbows we sell have a draw weight of 225lbs which is the equivalant of around 16 stone or 102Kg. There are cocking devices available that make cocking a crossbow easier and lowers the amount of strength needed to cock the crossbow, but you still need to be fairly strong to cock a crossbow even with one of these devices.


What's The Difference Between Recurve & Compound Crossbows?

Compound crossbows have a cam system which allows the bolt to be shot at a higher speed than a conventional recurve crossbow providing better accuracy. It also makes cocking the crossbow easier than a recurve crossbow as there is a Let-Off of power meaning as you draw the string back further it becomes easier to draw once it passes a certain point. 

Recurve crossbows have no Let-Off meaning that the resistance when cocking the crossbow will remain the same throughout. 


What Crossbow Is Right For Me?

If you are considering purchasing a crossbow but are unsure which one would be suitable for yourself please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to help you find the best crossbow that meets your needs & requirements.


Knife Sales and UK Law

Why do you sell Knives?

A knife is a tool. They have been used as tools for 1000's of year and are a vital piece of equipment for use in the outdoors. The UK Law states that they cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18 and as a company, we have a legal obligation to verify the buyers age. We also have to send the item in a box marked 18+ and the item also have to be signed for by someoe over the age of 18 upon delivery.

As a Company, we are proud of the work we have done with the Home Office, The Metropolitain Police and Trading Standards. We have helped in consultations to shape the current UK law to ensure it is not only robust, but effective and practial. We are also part of a pilot scheme in sharing data with authorites to help identify and report suspected fraud and orders that could be used in criminal activity.


Which Products Are Legal To Own?

All the products we sell are legal to own in the UK*. This does not mean that they are legal to take out with you, just that they are perfectly legal to own in your own home. It is always worth checking relevant laws in your country to see if there has been any alterations.

If you reside outside of the UK please check the law in your country.

*Correct as of writing on 10.02.2022.


Do We Sell Legal Carry Knives?

We do sell Legal Carry Knives and these can be found by searching for 'Legal Carry','EDC' or by navigating our menu and going to Knives>Legal Carry/EDC Knives.


How Do I Know If A Knife Is Legal Carry?

For a knife to class as legal carry it must have a non-locking blade that is 3" or under. Legal carry knives are marked as such or as EDC (Everyday Carry).