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Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


At Springfield's, we understand the responsibility that comes with selling knives and fieldsports equipment, which can be misused and cause harm. As a socially responsible company, we are committed to preventing knife crime and promoting safe and responsible knife ownership.

We recognise that knife crime is a complex issue that requires a collaborative effort from various stakeholders. Consequently, we have pledged to work closely with law enforcement agency’s, Trading Standards and The Home Office to prevent knife crime and promote knife safety.  Currently we are part of a pilot scheme with the Metropolitan Police which we hope will be rolled out nationally in due course.

We will take proactive measures to ensure that our knives are sold responsibly and only to individuals who are of legal age and have a legitimate need for them. We will also provide information and resources to our customers on responsible knife ownership and the legal use of knives.

In addition, we will ensure that we offer schools, scout groups and charities the information they require to help educate young people on the dangers of knife crime and promote positive alternatives.

At Springfield's, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and playing our part in creating a safer and more responsible society.